GTA Online biker DLC files data-mined

ky natives mc gta online biker dlcGTA V, or GTA Online players could be in for a treat in the coming weeks or months, with a data-miner digging into the game’s files recently to find new lines of code relating to potential biker gangs and missions.

Twitter user TezFunz2 has a history of outing GTA V DLC ahead of their announcements, so I would trust him on this one as well. Previously, he predicted the Low-Rider DLC, as well as the Executives and Other Criminals DLC. He did also hype up a Liberty City expansion for GTA V but that has failed to surface unfortunately.

The Biker DLC however reveals some interesting details, such as modifiable garages, new game modes called ‘joust’ and apparently, the ‘gb’ in the code only started showing up in the files in relation to the CEO and VIP missions, so could you potentially become a biker gang boss? Let’s hope so!

gta online biker dlcThis seems like a likely GTA Online update if anything, especially if the code references CEO and VIP script. While GTA fans really want single player content, Rockstar seem keen on continuing to update GTA Online with more and more content, including the fantastic, recent release of Cunning Stunts. I’m ok with all this, personally!

This is ideal DLC for the biker gangs around Los Santos, who consist of Crews of players who like a bit of lore and role play in their games, like KY Natives MC, who feature in this article’s images.

ky natives mc gta online biker dlc

[Source: TezFunz2]

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