GTA Online Benny’s discounts, new Adversary mode

gta online specter benny's customsThe last GTA Online event ran for about a week and finished up last night, offering double money for stunt races and the latest Adversary mode, ‘Vehicle Vendetta’. Today, Rockstar roll out another bunch of discounts, and yet another new Adversary mode!

Of course, with the addition of the new mode, called ‘Collection Time’, there is a double money and RP payout to encourage players to give it a shot. I have yet to try it out but hopefully the money proves to be good. With Adversary modes, the more players, and the more time spent in a single round, the more you can make as a bonus. Don’t rush through them!

Collection Time sees players fighting on foot to hold capture points. Hold a point for 30 seconds and it’s yours. If you play Gears of War 4, it might sound rather familiar to the ‘Escalation’ game mode. Capture all points, or have the highest score by the round’s end.

gta online collection time

Discounts for the week apparently include a 25% discount off of all of Benny’s car upgrades, so if you want to upgrade that Elegy to look like a classic Skyline, this is the week to do it. As well as that, Rockstar have added in another vehicle at Benny’s, so you can get that upgraded for cheap this week too!

Earn extra money this week, with MCs and Organizations alike getting a double dose of GTA$ & RP in GTA Online Biker Clubhouse Contracts and Special Vehicle Work – now through January 30th. You can also grab 25% off the following all the way through January 30th:

  • Benny’s Upgrades
  • Executive Garage Renovations
  • Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations
  • Biker Business Properties
  • All Import/Export Tattoos

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