GTA Online: Benny’s adds more custom vehicles

gta online slamvanToday, Benny is adding a full suite of new customization options for three vehicles. Order your stock car from Benny’s Original Motor Works, then kit it out with upgrades down at his Strawberry location to become the Faction Custom Donk, the Slamvan Custom and the Virgo Classic Custom.

It’s expected that these car customisations will cost a pretty penny, just like the last few Benny options, so the last few weeks of double payouts should have helped you save for these. However, the GTA Online community is getting somewhat restless according to the comment threads on the Rockstar Newswire and the game’s official Facebook page.

gta online virgo

Fans want new content, but not just new things to buy. They want new things to do. To put it in words that may resonate with you, “We want stuff to grind with, not stuff to grind for”. I can somewhat agree too. More content including contact missions or even letting players create their own heists, minus the cinematics, or even with the cinematics thanks to the Rockstar Editor? The rumours of Liberty City DLC have died down a lot, but perhaps Rockstar have something planned for this summer which we’ll hear about at E3?

In the meantime, some new cars are all you can enjoy this week, but let’s hope Rockstar come out swinging in style soon with some amazing GTA Online or story content.

gta online donk[Source: Rockstar Newswire]

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