GTA Online Be My Valentine week long event

gta online be my valentineGet loved up in GTA Online this weekend with the Be My Valentine event, offering new clothes, new cars, and discounts on weapons. There are also a few freebies to tempt you back into Los Santos as well.

Firstly, the new Adversary mode called ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ is actually really good fun! Having played a few rounds of it last night, it is now one of my favourite Adversary modes. 8 players are divided into teams of two for some ‘Wingman’/pairs deathmatch fun. You get a health bonus for staying in close proximity of your partner, and if one of you dies, the remaining individual pulls out a gun and takes their own life. Last team standing wins. Brilliant stuff!

gta online til death do us part

As for the events over the weekend, well the Adversary mode itself is offering double money and RP until February 18th, and there are discounts on SMG ammo. You can also grab the tommy gun if you want to dress accordingly to cause some mayhem (or play fair?). Free cinema tickets and rides at Del Perro pier are also available to take advantage of for Valentine date nights. There is also  a double RP payout for riding in cars with your loved one and for playing arm wrestling too. So romantic!

Lastly, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, there are two limited edition t-shirts available for Saturday and Sunday. Log in on each day to receive them automatically. You can see them in the picture below.

Will you Be My Valentine?

gta be my valentine[Source: Rockstar Newswire]

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