GTA Online adds new Adversary mode, Thanksgiving bonuses

gta online kill quotaIt’s Thanksgiving/Black Friday week, and Rockstar have a new week long event to look forward to on GTA Online, which has already kicked off. Take part in a new Adversary mode, and revisit some old favourites for some extra money payouts, all while having immense fun.

“Kill Quota, the newest team-based GTA Online Adversary Mode for up to 16 players across 2-4 teams. Starting off with a high-powered weapon from one of four distinct loadout options, each team must hit the designated body count before advancing to a more challenging and less powerful armament, culminating with a final, one-hit-kill melee round. The first team to successfully cycle through all six weapons in a match (or have the highest count at the end of the time limit) wins.”

The host chooses which of the four weapon loadouts below will be used in the lobby prior to starting the match:

  • Loadout 1: RPG > Minigun > Special Carbine > Heavy Revolver > Sawed-Off Shotgun > Machete
  • Loadout 2: Railgun > Combat MG > Musket > Heavy Sniper > Pump Shotgun > Knuckle Duster
  • Loadout 3: Sweeper Shotgun > Compact Rifle > Mini SMG > Compact Launcher > Double Barreled Shotgun > Pool Cue
  • Loadout 4: RPG > Railgun > Heavy Shotgun > Advanced Rifle > AP Pistol > Knife

Similar to Gun Game from Call of Duty, and more along the lines of Gears of War 4’s ‘Arms Race’, this should be an interesting addition to GTA Online.

A new vehicle has also been added, but it’s not something that I imagine will be highly desired. Anyone for a Bravado van?

gta online bravado


Over-indulge yourself this holiday week and feast on these special GTA Online bonuses:

  • Double GTA$ and RP in Kill Quota (November 22nd – 28th)
  • Double GTA$ and RP in Every Bullet Counts, Running Back and Inch by Inch (Thanksgiving Day, November 24th only)

And in the spirit of Black Friday, enjoy a delicious 25% off these GTA Online items up through November 28th:

  • Vehicles: Buckingham SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon
  • Vehicle Customizations: Rims, Turbo, Liveries, Resprays, Engine Mods
  • Clothing: Biker Clothing (not including Deadline Outfits) and Tattoos
  • Weapons: Compact Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Assault Rifle

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