GTA Halloween Surprise now available

gta halloweenHidden within the update for the GTA Online Lowriders was a GTA Halloween Surprise event. The event has now gone live, offering a new Adversary mode to play, two new vehicles to add to your garage, and some masks and accessories to pick up. Awesome stuff.

The two new vehicles available to purchase are Albany Lurcher hearse ($650,000 – see video below) and the Franken Stange hotrod ($550,000). The new game mode is called The Slasher, which comes in five variations. It allows for up to 8 players, with one being the Slasher, possessing a shotgun, and up to 7 other players sporting a flashlight. They must survive as long as possible, and then after a period of time, the survivors receive shotguns to hunt down the Slasher. Sounds like a candy-bag full of fun!

You can also buy a flashlight, new masks and face paints, and some spooky bobbleheads for your lowrider. This GTA Halloween Surprise is a nice, welcomed addition but we gather that the Adversary mode will be of timed availability, like the Festive stuff. Play it while you can, folks!

[Source: VG247]

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