GTA Freemode Events weekend….events!

gta online freemode eventsThis week, Rockstar Games added a bunch of new game modes to GTA Online, game modes that differ from previous jobs in that they take place during Freeroam, and you can opt in to them if you wish, or just ignore them for the sake of going shopping. This weekend, there are some bonuses and discounts taking place.

By simply playing five of the new game modes added this week, you can bag yourself 50k in GTA$ and an exclusive t-shirt. There’s also an exclusive t-shirt just for logging in today (Saturday) which reads “I married my dad”. You can also enjoy a 50% discount on select vehicles including the Besra jet, the Buzzard, the Insurgent, the Hakuchou and the Zentorna super car. There are also 50% discounts on weapons and ammo, as well as phone services such as calling Lester, Merryweather and others. Not bad. Time to wreck the place!

gta freemode weekend

You may have already grabbed yesterday’s t-shirt if you logged in, but log in today and tomorrow for a daily exclusive. They include:

Friday, September 18th: Vinewood Zombie
Saturday, September 19th: I Married My Dad
Sunday, September 20th: Die Already

Specifically for Xbox 360 & PS3 players this weekend, Rockstar are increasing the frequency on all kinds of classic Freemode occurrences, including Armored Trucks, Kill Targets and High Priority Vehicles – with lucrative rewards upon completion of each. Amidst this mayhem, special Event Crate Drops will also be descending from the skies on Xbox 360 & PS3, with exclusive t-shirts that you might have missed out on in previous Events.

gta t-shirts

[Source: Rockstar Games]

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