Ground Zeroes Easter Egg Predicts Kojima Name Erasing

metal gear ground zeroesThe bust up between Kojima and Konami is no secret at this stage, despite Konami doing their utmost to keep it on the down low, but going by this easter egg found in Ground Zeroes Kojima knew what was going to happen long in advance.

Uploaded by YouTube user TimeSplitter88, he plays the Ground Zeroes Deja Vu mission where Snake looks like he was on the original PlayStation, and where this easter egg can be found, giving us a serious case of… ugh… deja vu.

As you can see, Metal Gear logos appear throughout the map, and shining your light on them cause them to disappear… well, not quite, as it only happens with Hideo Kojima games as anything not made by Kojima is dismissed, as you can see with the Metal Gear Acid 2 logo.

Sounds familiar right? Konami have been wiping Kojima’s name off everything he has made, including the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

After erasing a few logos, Kaz says something that we are fairly sure directly addresses the split: “You might be able to erase the marking, but the memories will never disappear.”

What are your thoughts though? Think this is just coincidence? Or is it too clear to be something of chance? Let us know in the comments! As for me, just leave me in the corner in the fetal position crying… I’ll get back up eventually.

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