Grand Theft Gymkhana by DomesticMango is stunning

grand theft gymkhana 4 domesticmangoThere’s no denying that DomesticMango is the video game version of Ken Block. While Ken Block is known for his amazing Gymkhana videos over the years, it’s DomesticMango who pulls all the punches in the gaming verse. His latest Grand Theft Gymkhana 4 video is simply stunning, and totally worth 11 minutes of your day.

From the airlifted opening, to the insane jumps, donuts, giving the finger to the LSPD which follows with a chase, and lots of helicopter action. There’s even some yoga thrown in to spice things up, gang shoot outs, explosions (it is GTA after all…), speed boats, and a surprise cameo at the end of the sequence.

Of course, some mods were used in the making of the video, including the car and camera, but it’s all within the context of the game, and it looks superb. Just watch it. I have said enough. Full screen, full resolution, and sound up. This is beast!

Of course, it goes without saying that Ken Block is definitely the inspiration behind all this, who recently published a new Gymkhana video for the launch of Forza Horizon 3. You can check that out here.

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