Grand Theft Auto V characters read mean bleets

grand theft auto v characters read mean bleetsThe Rockstar Editor for Grand Theft Auto V has produced some amazing videos and tributes by fans, and the latest one is pretty good too. Taking the Jimmy Kimmel segment of ‘Celebrity reads mean tweets’,  a Youtuber by the name of TheyCallMeConor has recreated the segment using GTA V’s cast of characters.

It’s not the most extensive video, and there are probably more characters with lines that could be used, but the effort is still a worthy one, including the crowd laughs akin to a live sitcom. Trevor, Franklin, Michael and more appear, reading messages from their phones and thanking the fan for the message. My only other complaint would be the spelling and punctuation… I’m that kinda guy and I don’t apologise…

There are fantastic Rockstar Editor videos out there, including this amazing Back to the Future one. You can find loads on Youtube by searching Rockstar Editor short film.

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