GOG.com are having a big Activision sale

Even Fester Blatz is judging you Activision

It’s not been a favourable week for Activision. People are not happy with them after the release of the latest Tony Hawk’s game. GOG.com are allowing us to think of a time when Activision was lauded for their great games, by having a sale of 32 of their classic titles.

The number of games on offer is actually a little more than 32 as some of what is on offer includes bundles for games such as Quest for Glory, King’s Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest. They’re all at 66% off so that’s €2.99 for the aforementioned bundles, €1.79 for the Betrayal at Krondor pack and Return to Krondor. If strategy games are more your thing it’s also €1.79 for Caesar III, Pharaoh and Cleopatra and Zeus and Poseidon (Acropolis).

You can check out the full list of games here which will be on sale until Tuesday November 12th.


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