God of War Review

I’ve never played a Go of War game before, I’ve heard of it but having spent most of my time on the Xbox 360 it was never a game I looked at too closely. Times change though and I now play on both consoles which meant the latest God of War caught my attention. I found myself researching the past games and instantly knew that this would be right up my street. God of War was hyped up to astronomical levels and the question became, could it live up to that hype.Long story short yes it most certainly has lived up to the hype. Visually the game looks stunning on both versions of the PS4 consoles and aside from the odd dropped frame here and there, offers a smooth playing experience. The game world is so detailed and simply beautiful. some areas where there is a lot of colour took my breath away as HDR blasted the scenes into my eyeballs. These areas really take your breath away and you find yourself just looking around soaking up the beauty.

The game is set in Midgard and you find yourself thrown into Norse mythology and once again the developers have really nailed the feel. You aren’t alone in your travels this time round and are accompanied by Kratos’ son Atreus. Normally AI sidekicks tend to be a pain in the arse but they really nailed the implementation here. Never does your “Boy” feel unhelpful or get in the way and he instead can prove to be very helpful and breaks the quieter sections up nicely with the dialogue.

I shan’t go too much into the the story because of spoilers but It is honestly one of the best stories I’ve been able to enjoy in a game in recent years. Well written and fully engrossing i found myself captured by it and like a good book that’s hard to put down I’ve found i have to force myself to stop playing when real life demands my attention.

All this positivity means nothing if the gameplay sucks but I’m happy to report that once again the developer have hit the nail on the head (presumably with Thors Hammer). Things start off typically enough but soon you are thrust into one of the most epic opening fights that will be remembered for years to come. Combat feels awesome with each hit feeling as if it has real weight behind it and different enemies requiring slightly differing tactics. It really is one of the most satisfying things when you land those swings of the axe. The new camera works a treat and throws you into the action, anyone who had concerns should rest easy because it just works.

The seamless transitions from gameplay to cut scene helps keep immersion and this is yet another example of just how good Chequer-boarding is to get those lush crisp visuals. It’s obvious from start to finish that a lot of hard work, care and attention has gone into God of War and it’s paid off big time. God of War is going to be one of the titles that define this generation and it’s certainly the best we’ve seen so far. Normally my GOTY is a struggle between a few titles but i think this is a dead cert with only Red Dead Redemption 2 likely to offer any kind of competition.

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