GoatBread gives you 100% more goats and bread in your life!

GoatBreadDo you like Bread? Do you like goats? Of course you do! Well, the makers of I am Bread and Goat Simulator have got you covered. Coffee Stain Studios and Bossa studios have been working hard to bring us a mix of crumbly goaty goodness and have announced upcoming crossover DLC called GoatBread.  They have also released a teaser trailer that shows just how well goats and bread get on together.

The site tells us,

Two of the greatest video game characters combine in an unholy alliance in the gaming event of the millennium!”

Very true. 

“GoatBread will show you unbelieveable new ways to get even more Goat and even more Bread in your life. And who doesn’t want that?”

You’d be mad not to want that!

Owners of each game will get free GoatBread DLC in the coming weeks.

“Coming soon to Steam, players will be able to access the super new cross-love content, GoatBread, for both I Am Bread and Goat Simulator. I Am Bread will have a new Goat Simulator-inspired level ‘RAMpage mode’, and Goat Simulator a new, playable piece of bread. Crumbs! This brand new content will be included in both games and is free to existing owners, adding 100% more Goat and Bread to their experience.”

I think all of our lives will be better with more goat and bread in them. Unless you’re coeliac of course. Then you’ll need to check this update for gluten content.

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