Glimpse of Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer gameplay

mass effect andromeda peebeeMass Effect Andromeda will hit consoles and PC on March 21st and 23rd, depending on where you live. Bioware and EA want you to pre-order their upcoming release and have thus released a new trailer showing you only a minute amount of gameplay of the game’s accompanying multiplayer mode. Join us as we try to write a few hundred words based on this 30 second trailer.

The 30 seconds of trailer doesn’t feature gameplay throughout, in fact the trailer is actually only 28 seconds long. What the trailer aims to do is excite you into pre-ordering the game by flashing bonus content in your face. Of course, being Mass Effect, fans are already excited, or like in my case, anxious as to whether it will live up to the amazing trilogy that came before.

Pre-ordering Mass Effect Andromeda grants you a unique skin for the game’s planetary rover, called the Nomad. You can also get your hands on a multiplayer booster pack that gives you added XP, potential skins and weapon attachments.

For those of you who don’t know much about Mass Effect multiplayer, it first arrived in Mass Effect 3 and saw teams of players take on 10 waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The better you performed, the more XP and credits you unlocked that allowed you to buy more boxes of randomly included supply drops. I very much expect the same thing for Mass Effect Andromeda, and while it is said that playing the multiplayer can benefit your efforts in the game’s single player story experience, it is not essential. Sure multiplayer helps keep games fresh and adds additional replay value, so why not?

In another recently released video, meet¬†Christine Lakin, the voice of Peebee who will be joining you on your adventures into the Andromeda galaxy. She’s your Asari sidekick who is more impulsive and chirpier than any other Asari you may have come across in your previous expeditions with Shepard.

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