*Giveaway* Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Xbox One code

the-witcher-3-hearts-of-stoneThe Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone is the new DLC from CD Projekt RED, and it has been out for a week. The quality here is just as you would expect from our friends over in Poland. The new DLC pack continues the trend that CD Projekt RED have laid out of offering very reasonably priced DLC with massive content delivery and greatly extended gameplay offerings.

After spending the last week with the DLC and getting about 20 hours of gameplay from it with additional side quests, new characters and locations to visit, I can say that it is a must have for any Witcher 3 fan. The DLC is available currently on all platforms. CD Projekt RED have also listened to fans with regards to releasing the ever popular Gwent card game in a physical form. The Gwent pack includes two decks, the Monster Deck and Scoia’tael Deck, scorecard and digital code for the Hearts of Stone DLC. The downside is that this is a limited release and is not available in all regions and is not available on all systems in all regions.

According to the CD Projekt RED website, they encourage fans to check with their favorite retailer on availability and pricing. As I am in the United States I can attest to it being in full availability at Gamestop for PS4 and Xbox One. It is reasonably priced at $20 as well. With that Witcher 3 news out of the way, let’s get on to more exciting things.

We have a Hearts of Stone DLC digital code to give away on Xbox One. We want you to have an opportunity to play this as soon as possible. Our best way of determining a winner will be with a fantastic piece of Witcher 3 trivia. We will pick the winner at random from everyone who answers the question correctly so without further hesitation, here is your trivia!

What is the name of the antagonist in the main Witcher 3 storyline, the King of the Wild Hunt, and what world does he come from?

A winner will be chosen and announced this Friday, October 30th. Good luck to all!

Thank you Sean for the code!


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