Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass detailed

Ghost Recon WildlandsUbisoft have finally declassified the details on the Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass ahead of the game’s imminent release on March 7th. The pass will set you back $40 or your regional equivalent and feature expansions, updates, seasonal events and more.

The highlight of the lot is that there will be two expansions as part of the deal. Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts are the names of the expansions, offering more gameplay and story for you alone or with friends. The  Unidad Conspiracy missions and Peruvian Connection pack are available to those who pre-order the game or buy it at launch, and coming in the future is a 4v4 PVP mode, available as a free update to all players of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Thankfully it’s not locked behind a paywall.

We’re bound to learn more about the Community Events, Seasonal challenges and PvP closer to their release once the game lands, and as usual with an Ubisoft game, expect a bunch of bug fixes, balancing and connectivity updates.

In other Ghost Recon Wildlands news, Ubisoft revealed that 6.8 million players took part in the open beta two weeks ago. This set a new record for the publisher, which previously had a massive (no pun intended) 6.4 million playing The Division’s open beta a year before.

March 7th. Lock and load.

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