Ghost Recon Wildlands Review Round-up

ghost recon wildlandsTomorrow, March 7th, you and your fellow Ghosts head out into the Wildlands of Bolivia to take down a well armed, informed and dangerous drug cartel. How will it go? We don’t know, but we know you’re ready to risk life and death to free the people. But how does Ghost Recon Wildlands review, and should you be excited? It looks like you should!

Reviews for Ghost Recon Wildlands are starting to crop up from its hiding places amid the foliage and behind the rocks, and so far, things are looking rather positive for Ubisoft and its established series. Despite taking a different direction this time around and going for a complete open-world experience, beta players have taken to it, and it seems like a lot of gamers are on board.

The Reviews

Games Radar: 90
Hardcore Gamer: 90
Time: 90
PlayStation Lifestyle: 80
Destructoid: TBC
Gamespot: TBC
Windows Central: 70

At the time of writing, the lowest score is a 70 from Twinfinite, who say “While the experience is almost always better when playing with friends, the poor friendly A.I. wasn’t frustrating enough to ruin my experiences trekking across Bolivia. If you can look past the rather thin story and characters, there’s a smart, engaging shooter that begs for players to try new weapons, gear, and approach options. While this isn’t the definitive Ghost Recon experience, Wildlands is still an entertaining title for those looking for a more tactical experience.”

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