Ghost Recon Wildlands launch trailer will brief you

ghost recon wildlandsToday’s the day that players embark on a mission overseas in Bolivia, in Ghost Recon Wildlands. While some of you may have stayed up past midnight last night for a cheeky sneak go, no doubt the majority of players will begin their crusade from today. So how about a launch trailer to get you hyped up?

You and up to three other friends will arrive in Bolivia via helicopter where you will rendezvous with one another for a quick briefing. From there, it’s down the hill in your jeep to your first objective, before deciding together where to head off to next. You can do so by car, jeep, bike, helicopter and more, or just slog it on foot if you have time to kill.

How you approach the missions is entirely up to you, and so is the order you do them in. Find intel to unlock new missions and skill unlocks, and use whatever hardware is available to you to give you the upper hand. Deploy a drone to scout out an enemy compound and give your team information on where the enemy are located.

“The Wildlands are a living, reactive open-world environment where every individual choice you make has far reaching consequences. With the Faction Influence System, turn each dangerous situation into an advantage by seizing control of the cartel’s traffic patterns, patrols, and movements,” says Ubisoft. Go out there, and take down that cartel.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is reviewing quite well so far, which you can see from our review round-up here.

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