Get your wallet out Guardian, Destiny is getting Micro-Transactions

DestinyGenerally, when the words Micro-Transaction is mentioned at the heading of an article, it’s safe to assume that what follows isn’t exactly going to make you smile. Thankfully however, they’re isolated to free-to-play titles and mobile games that don’t really cost a lot. The MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre for example. Following the negative reaction to the implementation of micro-transactions in triple A console titles in 2013, such as Forza Motorsport 5, developers have focused less on making them “a thing”.

The problem was that they were being put into games that simply didn’t need them, and given the “new-generation” of video games are considerably more expensive than that of their predecessors it was easy to see why people were getting so annoyed. Bungie is the latest developer to try their hand at making a few extra quid with their popular FPS title Destiny, which has always been a prime candidate, so kudos to Bungie and Activision for waiting this long to give into the temptation.

But that’s really no excuse for them to start now, and given that fans have just forked out the price of a brand new DestinyPS3 game, it’s really difficult to see how they’d have the nerve. Sadly, that’s just the way life goes and come October 13th 2015, Bungie will be adding the feature which will allow Guardians to purchase cosmetic items for real money. So here’s a quick report on what you can expect to see, should you be interested.

An NPC representing the “Eververse Trading Company” will make an appearance in the Tower in the form of Tess, who long-term fans will recognise back from before patch 2.00. A new currency will also be implemented into the game in the form of “Silver” which is obtained through paying real money. Guardian’s can use Silver to purchase new Emotes from Tess, who’s inventory will likely be updated on a weekly basis, as is the way in Destiny. It’s worth noting at this stage that Bungie have quite plainly stated that they will never offer items that impact the games mechanics, nor will they ever apply the new currency to items that are used for quests, bounties or upgrades. Which is great, but the fact of the matter is that implementing Micro-Transactions into a fully priced game will never sit well with the fans, especially given that Destiny is already one of the most expensive titles available on the Xbox One and PS4.

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