Get your Xbox 2016 Year in Review card now

xbox 2016 gamer crestI play a lot of video games. Not that I play many different video games, but I certainly put the hours in. Seemingly, I spent more time on GTA Online this year and last year, than any other release, and that game released in 2014 for current gen! You can now see how you stack up in your 2016 year in review on Xbox One.

Head on over to the Reign of You website via and log in. There you can see what your total Gamerscore earned in 2016 is, as well as how many individual Achievements you unlocked compared to the rest of the Xbox community for the year. You can also see what game you played most this year compared to last.

Below, you can see my score card, and yet again, I’m in the 1%. Go me! As for Grand Theft Auto V taking up my time for the past two years? I have no regrets! The website also lets you customize and share your own little crest; mine being the one that tops off this article.

2016 xbox stats

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