Get Vault Boy Socks for Pre-Ordering Fallout 4 From Best Buy

Since Bethesda are one of the few companies today that don’t do retailer exclusive pre-order bull-crap, it leaves those wanting to get creative, and Best Buy did just that.

To help ensure Best Buy have their fair share of pre-orders for the highly anticipated title, since everyone has the same versions available to them, they are offering up their own pre-order exclusive of Vault-Boy Socks.

Look in awe as you prepare your wallets!


Fallout 4 has only really two versions available, compared to every other game coming out with a different edition for anyone who asks, which is definitely nice to see. They are the standard edition and the collector’s edition, and since you can’t get the collector’s edition anymore, stores have to make do with what they got.  Best Buy are selling the Fallout Gold Bundle, which gets you the base game and the season pass for all the future DLC for $85, saving you a fiver, and this is the edition they will be giving the socks with.

It’s definitely one of the oddest incentives I’ve seen for pre-orders… but those look like some dam fine socks to keep you nice and toasty during the coming apocalypse. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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