Get ready for GTA Online Cunning Stunts Special Vehicle events

gta online cunning stunts specialComing next week to GTA Online as promised, racing fans can look forward to a number of specially made Cunning Stunts racing events for the special vehicles added to the game before the end of last year. Whether it’s the Knightrider wannabe Ruiner 2000, or the rocket propelled sports car, there’s stuff coming that will blow your eyeballs out of their sockets!

Coming to GTA Online on March 14th, players can look forward to 20 new Stunt Races custom built for the Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 & Blazer Aqua in Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit. Each of these particular circuits will take advantage of the unique abilities of the vehicles, whether the Ruiner’s parachute, the extreme jumping ability of the Voltic, and some water loving Blazer. This adds to the recently released 15 new stunt tracks added last week, which fans and us alike have really been enjoying.

On top of that, coming next week is a new car to Legendary Motors, the Progen GP1, which will squeeze into the Super class of vehicles. No word on price yet, but it may be rather hefty. Look at those doors!

gta online progen gp1

Aspiring kingpins can claim their own high-rise for 25% off Executive Offices and Office Garages before taking advantage of CEO bonuses all weekend long. To help satiate your thirst for carnage and gear up for Tuesday, Warstock is slashing the SecuroServ prices on Special Vehicles. Special Vehicle Missions will also dish out Double GTA$ & RP throughout the weekend, allowing you to earn big while getting acclimated with the Special Vehicle of your choosing. Bodyguards and Associates are also getting a Double GTA$ salary bump this weekend.

Great news for those in GTA Online who don’t run their own businesses. Work for someone else, help them get stuff done, and you pick up a nice wage packet in return. Everyone wins!

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