Get Minecraft: Story Mode 31% off Before Release on Tuesday

minecraft story modeMinecraft is literally everywhere, whether on your PC or Console, or in your pocket, but the announcement that Telltale would be making a storymode using their signature episodic storytelling graphic adventure style still came as a surprise to many of us.

That very game is rolling out this Tuesday, starting on PC, but why pay full price when you can get 31% off for $17.33 over at Green Man Gaming?

To avail of the offer, head over to Minecraft: Story Mode on GMG¬†which on it’s own is 10% off, pre-purchase the game, then use the coupon code:


One thing you’ll have to note is that this one is not a GMG game, but rather it’s a Telltale DRM key, meaning you will have to set up an account and redeem the game here. For those of you know haven’t used GMG before, you will receive an email with the product key which you’ll have to redeem at the linked page.

Considering this is a 5 episode game like other Telltale titles, this will likely be the cheapest way to pick it up for some time, so if you are planning on playing it you might want to consider that.

The 10% deal will be over on October 13th, when the game releases, but the coupon code should still be active for some time so if you want to wait you can still get 23% off.

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