Gen 2 Pokemon Discovered In Pokemon Go Code

Pokemon GO in actionHello everyone, if you’re still playing Pokémon GO, or are looking for a reason to get back into it, this little tidbit should be interesting for you. From some newly discovered code, it seems the Pokedex will be getting an extra 101 additions in the near future.

This reveal was actually discovered recently in the code of the Pokémon GO game itself, with some dedicated Pokémon GO players discovering this. The group themselves are known as TheSilphRoad, and are a community of data focused Pokémon GO players who are generally trying to mine the code to discover why Pokemon spawn as they do. Some of the members must’ve stumbled across this new piece of code whilst looking for some new spawn information. Whatever the reason, TheSilphRoad group has not only contributed to helping normal players complete their own Pokedexes, but also give some hope to those who haven’t completely jumped ship on the game.

Pokemon GO Egg ChartAs for the leak itself, following the chronology of the games, the next 100 are the 2nd generation of Pokémon. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this update will be bringing in the pocket monsters that debuted in the Gold, Silver and Crystal entries in the Pokémon Franchise. Though there is one exception to this, as some of the code indicated that the move Transform was spotted, so we may finally receive Ditto as part of this update… hopefully paving the way towards breeding.

Whilst this update doesn’t cover everything that we wanted, for those of us who wanted to be able to catch some 1st generation legendaries, this should be a welcome addition. As well, whilst we didn’t get the legendaries update we wanted, this could be leading up to a point where they’ll unveil legendaries once there’s a larger pool of them to draw from.

All in all, this upcoming addition of 101 new monsters to catch will hopefully breathe some new life in a game that has been losing players in large quantities over the past couple of months.

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