Gears of War 4 March Gnasher update

gears of war 4 jd gnasherIf you’re a regular Gears of War 4 player, you may have found yourself in a position online where your Gnasher shotgun feels like you’re shooting potatoes at your enemy. You can flank around them, catch them off guard, then in the heat of the moment, only manage a fart before your opponent gibs you. What the heck, like?

The Coalition have received numerous reports and videos from users regarding some point blank inconsistencies with the Gnasher across all game modes, and aim to make amends. I can’t help but feel from the video below that if it’s the players fault, based on how the weapon fires, and still you have to address and fix it, then it’s not really the players’ fault?

To prevent the Gnasher pellets from firing through walls in a buggy way, the shots would actually ‘come from’ the back of the gun. or the stock. This creates a larger dispersal of the pellets however, meaning shots are more widespread and cause the least damage from a medium range. But if you’re right up beside someone, a few of those shots will go astray.

Going forward, the shots will actually come from the front of the gun, where it should be. However, I’m prepared to hear more complaints when the Gnasher proves to be too powerful, or OP as they like to say these days. Gears of War 4 is a shotgun game, and sure, you can get a few headshots with the Longshot, Torque Bow or Boltok, but Gnasher is king and it needs to be fixed.

With the upcoming March update to Gears of War 4, “You can see the before and after change below.  We will be doing an extra check in game to ensure players do not shoot through walls while ensuring that shots will now start at the end of the barrel, and we are hoping this will now bring greater accuracy to users who will be fighting in point blank situations with other players.”

gears of war 4 gnasher march

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