Gears of War’s wall bouncing, good or bad?

gears of war 4 posterSince the original Gears of War arrived on Xbox 360 in November 2006, one of its best features is the cover system, which made you think about how you approached combat. In the series campaigns, cover is vital, and if playing in co-op, meant some communication and teamwork was essential and rewarding. Then the system was taken advantage of, in the form of the ‘wall bounce’ in multiplayer.

Wall bouncing can be seen as an exploit of the game’s mechanics, but it is still used fairly. It’s not really glitching, it’s not really cheating, but it definitely goes against the way Gears of War is meant to be enjoyed. Sure, you tap A towards cover to get ‘magnetized’ towards it, but with all that sliding about, while shooting and reloading shotguns at lightning pace, it can frustrate your opponents, and place you at the top of the match’s scoreboard.

This clip below shows GsQ Zeus – Da Moose doing some wall bouncing in a montage, in case the term is new to you. Further down the article, you can learn how to do it, as well as a few other movement tricks to up your game.

If Gears of War’s multiplayer was played authentically, similar to how we enjoy the campaign stories, it wouldn’t be as fast paced, but would it be as enjoyable? I’m not saying that wall bouncing has made the series so successful in its multiplayer, but the developers haven’t done much to prevent it from happening. Players will find a way to bounce around their opponents, making themselves a hard to hit target, all the while destroying the other team, unfairly. Or is it unfair?

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You can still hit a wall bouncer. It’s not that they become invincible in the process of springing around walls and objects. Chuck a grenade in and watch them explode into pieces. But they move too fast. A boomshot towards the ground their standing on? Perhaps. A longshot headshot at the right time, or even a Torque Bow bolt? It’s still possible. Why not hang back and just shower the wall bouncer with Lancer or Hammerburst fire?

gears of war 4

The Gnasher shotgun alone causes enough controversy in the Gears of War community, but I have friends who refuse to play the game against other humans because of the use of Gnashers and the wall bouncing. In Gears of War 4, you can play online against AI as a team, and then there’s Horde 3.0 which is brilliant, but like with any other game, a match up against a live opponent is always more of a rush. A competitive test to see who’s best.

So what do you do? Do you continue to bemoan those who bounce and shotgun around the map, or do you take up the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ mentality, and learn how to wall bounce yourself? You don’t have to do either, and you can continue to play it as you prefer. You can beat a wall bouncer as long as you keep your distance and work as a team with a friend to pummel them. Why not just give it a shot and see how it makes you feel?

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