Gears of War Ultimate Edition – Remastering the Locust

gears of war locustGears of War Ultimate Edition is a mere two weeks away from release on Xbox One, and more behind the scenes video documentaries are hitting the internet. The latest one looks at the Locust, the underground enemy of the Coalition and the Gears.

When creating the Locust initially, Rod Ferguson and Epic Games at the time wanted to create something that wasn’t alien, but a horde of beasts that lived in subterranean locations. Pale skin, While the COG soldiers would make use of energy, gas powered vehicles and technology, the Locust would rely on monsters and tortured beats being manipulated for their own use.

What Rod feels happiest about mostly, is the idea of being able to spend more time on the creatures and characters, and develop them a little further. Saying that if the artist behind Raam was able to take an extra month to develop the look of him, what would he do, or what would he change? It’s all rather interesting, and you can see it all in the video below.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition becomes available on Xbox One on August 25th, and at a later, unconfirmed date for PC.

[Source: Youtube]

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