Gears of War Ultimate Edition now available to pre-load

gears of warGears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to Xbox One on August 25th, and is now available to install in time for its release. The game will come to Windows 10 at a later date.

There are two editions which you can pick up, depending on how much you want pre-order bonuses, but thankfully the game is available for a relatively cheap price, considering it’s a remastered title.

Standard Edition ($39.99 USD) – The landmark original “Gears of War” returns, offering a full digital game download, plus pre-order bonus items including the Adam Fenix and Civilian Anya multiplayer skins and Animated Imulsion Weapon Skin for use in multiplayer matches.

Deluxe Edition ($59.99 USD) – The ultimate “Gears” experience. On top of the Standard Edition items, the Deluxe Edition also includes the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack featuring 10 different Animated Weapon Skins and 36 standard Weapon Skins, as well as the Civilian Marcus Fenix and Aaron Griffin multiplayer characters.

The Coalition and Xbox have also released the opening cinematic for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which has seen all of its cutscene cinematics revisited and given some extra attention.

There’s also a new series of behind-the-scenes videos to come, leading up to the launch of Gears of War Ultimate Edition in a month’s time. Below, you can see the first one, where Rod Ferguson, head of The Coalition, and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, as well as other members of the development team, discuss what it’s like to bring Gears back to Xbox.

[Source: Youtube]

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