Gears of War Ultimate Edition maps restricted by game modes [UPDATED]

gears of warReports are appearing on Gears of War forums since the release of the Ultimate Edition this week, that fans are experiencing issues with map rotation and maps being ‘locked out’ on certain game modes. Not good news.

[UPDATED] The Coalition have since responded to feedback, making all maps available in all game modes.

The discovery was found on the forum where fans have questioned the whereabouts of map favourites from the original Gears of War in 2006. Back then, competitive game modes were restricted to Warzone, Execution, and Assassination, followed up an updated addition of Annex. Later titles added newer, fresher game modes, but Gears of War 1 is where it all started, and you could play any map on any mode, and have a good time. The Coalition have seemingly changed this.

Fans playing the game since the 25th, mainly the US players, have discovered that playing Execution mode limits the available maps you can play. In order to play more maps, or all of them, you have to play Team Deathmatch, the mode added in Gears of War 3 which allows both teams to respawn a number of times.

gears of warComments in the forums such as “I feel like im constantly playing garden”, “I’ve played Old Bones more times than I can count….”, “I like King of the hill and there is not even Mansion in the playlist? Are you kidding me?” and “Last Night i played Garden, Process, Old Bones and War Machine. I played a few games but those 4 maps only. garden 3 or 4 times and Old bones 2 or 3. no other maps came up.”

Another user pointed out how there was no option to skip maps between rounds. No voting system. If you wanted to vary the map playlist, you had to try out a different mode. King of the Hill features its own ‘ideal’ maps, but back in my day, we could choose any mode and any map.

I will be picking up Gears of War tomorrow, when it releases in Ireland and I have to admit, I’m suddenly feeling a bit negative about it.

[Source: Gears of War forum]

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