Gears of War Ultimate Edition ‘Mad World’ launch trailer

gears of warBack in 2006, those sitting down in the dark November evenings watching their televisions may remember an advert for a video game, although they probably didn’t know it was a video game at the time. The trailer featured ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules, and for many of us, was a new cinematic way of advertising games. That game was the original Gears of War.

Nine years later, Gears of War is getting a remaster, in the form of the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Xbox One. It was only right for Xbox and The Coalition to release a new launch trailer with updated graphics from the remaster, alongside the Mad World music. The trailer shows clips of the revised, re-imagined cinematics taken from the remaster, and features all the characters from Delta Squad, as well as some of the Locust.

My only personal gripe, is that the trailer didn’t replicate the original trailer from 2006, but that’s just me being nostalgic. The trailer starts out with the Xbox 360 version from the original trailer, before transitioning into the modern version, which releases on August 25th, next week.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition remasters the original game’s campaign, adding in new missions that were previously exclusive to the PC version, as well as updating the multiplayer suite with features and mechanics added in later games from the series. The game will also run on 60fps and 1080p resolution. It was also revealed that buying the Ultimate Edition before December of this year would allow you to download free copies of all previous Gears of War titles for backwards compatible play.

[Source: Xbox]

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