Gears of War Ultimate Edition gameplay dev diary

gears of warXbox and The Coalition have released a new developer diary for the upcoming remaster of Gears of War, which arrives on Xbox One on August 25th. In this video, The Coalition discuss the gameplay aspects, and how they initially wanted to make it feel the same, but felt that 9 years later, it needed some updating.

“Hey, it feels like Gears of War 1, without all the messy parts,” says Rod Ferguson, head of development with his studio. The Coalition brought in some professional Gears players to test it out in the studio, to see how it felt for them, get some feedback, and record their gameplay. In the video, we learn that Team Deathmatch is also being added as a gameplay mode. Team Deathmatch was first introduced in Gears of War 3, and saw two teams fight to the death with a ticket count spread amongst each team. The first team to lose all their tickets was the loser. Playing that in Gears of War 1 again should be great fun, although Warzone for me will always be the best way to play Gears.

Watch the video, drool a little, and look forward to Gears of War Ultimate Edition when it comes to Xbox One on August 25th, and if you want, you can pre-install it now via the Xbox Store or website.

[Source: Youtube]

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