Gears of War movement tips

gears of war multiplayerGears of War can be a daunting experience for newcomers. Fans of the series will remember their first battles online, how they were almost reduced to tears with frustration, until they learned a few of the basics. A new series by The Coalition aims to help newcomers learn the basics, and starts off with movement.

My personal advice would be: Complete the campaign first. Learn the characters, the movement, cover, and the weapons. You want to know who you’re shooting at, and how to pick them out in the middle of a heated gun fight. Team killing is off, but if you don’t pull out your shotgun to blast away your opponent in time, it may be too late. You also don’t get markers over your enemy’s heads like in other shooters, unless they’re spotted first. This is done with clicking the left stick over a target. Anyway, on with the video!

One of the most vital actions in the game is cover. Holding A allows you to roadie run, but tapping it near a wall, a chest high box, or anything solid around the map, will make your character jump in behind it. Don’t stay there for too long though, as you can easily get flanked. There’s no radar in Gears of War either, so using cover to hide and spring an attack on an unsuspecting foe is also a great use of it. Just don’t let the barrel on your gun give away your position, so stand a little bit in from the edge.

Get enough practice with the cover button, and you’ll soon learn how to wall bounce, which takes advantage of the nifty animation of moving into cover, and ‘bouncing’ back and forth into different cover points. The enemy won’t be able to keep up with you, unless they’re also wall bouncing themselves.

Keep your eye out for more Gears of War tips, and if we spot the next video in the series, we’ll keep you updated.

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