The Gears of War character DLC you’ve not been waiting for

run the jewels gears of war 4Forget Dizzy, forget Jace, forget Adam Fenix for that matter. The Gears of War cast is varied and colourful, but not all of them have appeared in Gears of War 4 just yet. While we have new younger characters like J.D, Kait and Del to get to grips with, new DLC releasing today as part of a premium ‘air drop’. They’re not the characters you were hoping for either.

The two members of hip-hop outfit Run the Jewels make their way into Gears of War 4 today. Who are Run the Jewels? Well, we’re glad you asked. I didn’t know either until five minutes ago, but heard their name in the run up to the game’s release.

Run the Jewels is an American hip hop supergroup formed by New York City-based rapper-producer El-P and Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike in 2013. They have two albums out now, and are going on a tour, hence the promotional push. Their song ‘Panther like a Panther’ featured in the reveal trailer for Horde 3.0.

Both EL-P and Killer Mike have lent their voices, likeness and ‘can’t nobody save us but us’ “attitude” to Gears of War 4, and you can buy them via the in-game store. They also come with their own custom-painted weapons.

I don’t know how popular Run the Jewels are outside of the US, or how popular they even are in the States, but yeah, I can’t say I’m ‘stoked’ by this news, and will continue to wait for the return of some actual Gears of War characters and its universe. Hell, bring back the Locust!

In more important news, two new maps become available today for Gears 4, with two returning Gears 3 favourites to try out. If you have the Season Pass, you can start playing them now, but if you don’t have it, you will have to wait until November 8th.

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