Gears of War Bootcamp – Power Weapon tutorial

gears of war screenshotIn our previous post about Gears of War’s Bootcamp series, we looked at the movement of your character, and how best to take advantage of cover, roadie runs, and ‘wall bouncing’. In the video below by The Coalition, it’s time to take a look at the power weapons on the map, which can easily turn the tide of a battle.

Whether it’s the fear inducing Boom shot or the tactically, and worrying Long Shot sniper rifle, Gears of War has a nice selection of power weapons to fight over on each map. Each map features various combinations of the few, so on one map there will be a Longshot and on others you may find the Torque Box, Hammer of Dawn or the Boom shot. Check out the video below to learn more, and know what you’re up against if you don’t get to the weapon before your enemy.

The frag grenades are somewhat unique as a power weapon, as they not only allow you to swing them at an assisted aim trajectory or with ‘blind fire’, they also allow you to ‘frag tag’ your enemy, by sticking the grenade to them with a melee attack. Be warned though, this is almost suicidal, so dive out of the way and around some cover if you can. It’s extremely satisfying too!

[Source: Youtube]

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