Gears of War 4 weapon skin design competition

gears of war 4 weapon skin designHave you ever dreamt of designing your own Gears of War Lancer or Gnasher and using them in the game? Well, you now have a chance, as The Coalition are looking for fans to do some designing as part of a new competition.

However, the competition is a little on the limited side, as you have to follow two particular themes in order to be in with a chance. eSports being one of them, and the 10th anniversary of Gears of War being the other. Still, you could have some pretty cool design ideas that can work around these topics, so fire away. To get the Lancer template, go here.

eSports Lancer Design
Design a Lancer that captures the essence of Gears of War eSports. Your Lancer Design must feel in theme to the look, feel and intensity of competitive Gears of War.

10th Anniversary Gnasher Design
Design a Gnasher to celebrate 10 Years of Gears of War. Your Gnasher Design must be a homage to the Gears series in some way, or have a feel of an ‘anniversary’ item.

Pick the competition that best suits your style, or try your hand at both! This is how you enter:

1. Download the Lancer and Gnasher templates found HERE

2. Design your Lancer or Gnasher based on the theme guide above

3. Upload your design to an image-hosting website and share that design HERE

This competition closes at 11:59pm PDT on January 10th, 2017. To make sure your entry is correct, please follow these guidelines:

  • Read the full Terms and Conditions for your chosen competition(s) below to ensure your entry is valid
  • Ensure your design fits the focus of the competitions listed above
  • Do not use Red or Blue for more than 40% of the Weapon Skin
  • Make sure your image is hosted somewhere that can be viewed publicly and without requiring a download to view

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