Gears of War 4 update to address matchmaking and add seasons

Beta gears of war 4The Coalition deal with complaints on a weekly basis when it comes to Gears of War 4. If it’s not the price of the crates in the game, it’s the Gnasher shotgun damage and accuracy. If it’s not that, it’s the match-making for ranked matches. While they’ve addressed the above bits to date, match-making is getting another change next month.

First up, The Coalition have announced in a new blog post that an update is coming for Matchmaking. “Through a server-side update releasing in the coming days, we’ll optimize our matchmaking system to provide improved team balance in Ranked Play. This team balance update should mean that – while players from different tiers will play together at times – teams should now be much more evenly balanced tier for tier.”

We’ll believe it when we see it. In our experiences playing as a group with friends, we would be thrown into matches with players well behind our ability, resulting in a pretty sub-par session every time we play. You find more joy and playability joining a Social play match with one other friend.

“For example, if 4 Diamond Players are queueing solo for matchmaking, our matchmaking will now do a better job at splitting those Diamond players evenly across the teams, and pairing them with other teammates that equal out each other’s skill level. Check it out and let us know your feedback via Twitter or the Gears Forums!”

gears of war 4 ranked lobbies

Like with many other competitive titles out there, The Coalition are bringing Seasons into Gears of War 4. “The first ever Season in Gears of War 4 is on the way! A Season is a period of time (usually a few months) where you can earn your rank through placement matches, and then go up (or down) based on performance. At the end of a Season, your rank will be reset and you’ll have to earn your Skill Rating through another set of placement matches and improving your skill over time.”

Depending on your tier rating, you’ll earn parts of new weapon skin sets themed on the various Ranks in the game – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Onyx and Diamond.

“With the launch of Seasons on the way, we’ll also be introducing an updated skill based algorithm into Gears of War 4 to further improve the quality of our Ranking System. This updated version of our Skill Ratings should improve the accuracy of your Tier Placements, and take more of your Skill over time into account. When this system goes live, you may find your initial placement Tier is higher or lower than expected compared to Season 0. This is actually a more accurate representation of your skill (and performance in your placement matches) so brace for potential changes!”

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