Gears of War 4 UIR pack available for a limited time

gears of war 4 uirWhile Gears of War 4 fans have been enjoying some seasonal action on the game, along with some cosmetic holiday items and themed game modes, The Coalition have dropped another loot crate for fans to save up their credits for…or spend real life cash, if you really want them.

The UIR pack sells for a whopping, over the top price of 4,400 in-game credits, or $10 if your pockets are still full of cash after the spending spree of the holidays. Not only that, but the loot crate won’t be available for long, meaning you will have to play a lot of Gears 4 in 48 hours, or spend money. Honestly, it’s a little disgusting, and The Coalition should be ashamed.

The UIR pack features over 30 Cards to show your loyalty to the UIR, with four brand new UIR characters and two UIR themed weapon skin sets for all weapons. However, for the massive requirement of 4,400 credits, what are the chances of you unlocking one of these 4 characters? Very slim. Remember how long it took you to unlock Gary Carmine for that 10th anniversary week? That pack was only a fraction of this one.

UIR Troops are entering the battle in Gears of War 4!

  • The UIR Gear Pack features four armored UIR soldiers to collect – a male and female basic trooper in standard UIR colors
  • The Legendary UIR Elite male and female feature a shock blue color theme, with insignia denoting their elite status (shown above).

gears of war 4 uir1

Weapon Skin Collections
The UIR Gear Pack features two full* weapon skin collections to customize everything from loadout weapons to power weapons!

  • The base UIR Weapon Skin collection features the iconic classic colors of the UIR, with a green base and orange accents.
  • The UIR Elite Weapon Skin collection matches the shock blue color theme of the Elite Troops

This enhanced Elite Pack variant features 3 UIR Customization Items in every pack (with one guaranteed Epic), as well as two Customization Cards of any type from the Series 1 Collection. Find it in-game now for 4400 Credits / $9.99 USD for a limited time.

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