Gears of War 4 servers caused hassle this weekend, 2x XP to come

gears of war 4 horde sniperGears of War 4 fans may have found themselves frustratingly trying to connect to games over the weekend to unlock coins in order to avail of the time-limited Onyx Gold loot crate. The Coalition is aware of the situation, and promised to extend its availability in order to make up for server downtime.

On Saturday evening, I couldn’t connect to a game at all myself, with it constantly searching for players, expanding the pool, and refreshing. I just gave up. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I eventually got playing, but due to the server back-dating, coins were not being granted post-match, and the game wasn’t updating my available bounties to show I was completing them.

As a form of apology, the Onyx Gold crate will be extended for another 24 hours, initially due to close this evening. That will now run into the 17th. As well as that, The Coalition is offering a double XP event next weekend so Gears of War 4 players can catch up on lost time and frustration.

So what exactly happened to the servers? An explanation popped up on the Gears of War 4 forums:

“On Friday when we awarded the card packs, a bug surfaced that related toward progression and essentially stemmed out and affected many other pieces in the equation. The team ended up alleviating some of the issues on Friday night while still attempting to stamp out the bug behind the scenes and work on a permanent fix. Last night we were able to find a fix for the bug in progression but due to so many people playing games on Friday/Saturday night, the services on the back end has been trying to award all players with the credit/xp amounts they earned during this stall in progression over the past few days. It’s been going at it since last night and still hasn’t completely caught up. The servers on the backend doing this are also tied to matchmaking issues as they are being overloaded with the requests.”

It’s worth noting that despite your in-game credits not updating after each match, they will appear correctly this week, so continue to play (if you can) without any worries on that end.

The Onyx Gold pack features 5 new Swarm skins as well as new animated weapon skins. You can see more information here.

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