Gears of War 4 map DLC relives Gears 3

gears of war 4 dry dockGears of War 4 players can look forward to the first round of map DLC as of next week. Season Pass holders get it on November 1st, while everyone else has to wait until November 8th. As a long time Gears fan, the two maps on their way are certainly exciting, bringing back two of Gears of War 3’s classics.

The two maps are Dry Dock and Checkout. Dry Dock was set in a harbour, with the middle ground raised via slopes and stairways, with a lot of sniper and Torque user corridors. Grenades can be found under the raised area, and it is also a rather sizable map.

Checkout is set in an abandoned grocery store in Hanover, Cole’s home town, with checkouts, aisles and storage rooms. It can be like a maze at times, and fighting over counters is going to be good fun. Especially with the new ‘pull and knife’ maneuver.

Drydock and Checkout will be available in Versus Dodgeball and Arms Race modes for squads up to three large and Horde players on Normal difficulty in the Developer Playlist period.

Lastly, from November 1st, The Coalition will be revealing a new  the Run the Jewels airdrop, which will feature playable characters of the hiphop band, El-P and Killer Mike. How they’ll be represented in Gears of War 4, we’ll have to wait and see. A bit odd, having cameo characters in the game.

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