Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 premiere trailer

gears of war 4With Gears of War 4 only a month and a bit away from launch, it’s about time we got a chance to check out Horde 3.0 which has been kept under wraps from the public until this weekend. In saying that, the premiere trailer comes with both good news, and bad news, depending on how much of a Gears fan you are.

First up, it seems that the Classes from Gears of War Judgement/Judgment will be making a return. In the trailer, you get a quick look at each of the available classes, which are summarised as Sniper, Engineer, Soldier, Scout and Heavy.

Each of the classes offer their own range of abilities, which will be detailed in the near future. Nothing more specific is available right now. In addition, the new “Fabricator” is a deployable base of operations that allows players to build their defenses anywhere on the map and execute their defensive strategy with precision.

On the plus side though, Gridlock, the famed map that has featured in every single release of Gears of War will be making a return, which you can spot near the end of the trailer. Can’t wait to hog the frags again!

Horde sees a team of 5 human players building up fortifications and taking on wave after wave of enemies, in this case ‘The Swarm’ and DeeBees, the new AI race in Gears of War 4. There are 50 waves to fight through, each getting progressively more difficult.

Gears of War 4 releases on October 11th for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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