Gears of War 4 February maps revealed

gears of war 4 posterThe Coalition continues to roll out fresh new content for Gears of War 4 on a monthly basis, and while gameplay fixes and weapons tuning is always welcomed, the new maps can be a hit and miss. This month though, is a bit hot and cold.

WAR MACHINE is back! Great news for Gears of War fans who have been enjoying the series as far back as 2006, with one of the original maps, War Machine finally making a comeback. The weapons and turret emplacement are all there as they originally were, with Long Shots, Torque Bows, Frags where you last found them. The map has received a gorgeous visual update too, looking like a modern trainstation turned into a defense position.

The other map, is a graphically different take on Impact, the one with the crashed plane in the middle of it. Impact Dark makes sight lines harder, and swaps out some weapons for other weapons, just to mix it up a little bit. Should rightly be a brand new map. I’m a bit bothered by this addition.

The Coalition have also teased new content coming in the coming days as well as coming months. First up, a special Valentine’s Day event will kick off on the 10th of February and run for a full week. You know what it is, don’t you? Torque Bow Tag! But with a Cupid twist, which we’ll learn more about later in the week.

This summer, Gears of War 4 players should also look forward to loads of new additional content such as higher difficulties, an increased Horde level cap, and more.


  • New “Inconceivable” Difficulty (Campaign & Horde)
  • IronMan Mode (Campaign & Horde)
  • Level 6 skills for all class skills
  • More skills for existing classes
  • New achievements
  • And much more!

Oh, and did we mention that The Locust will be making a return as Legendary characters in the months to come? Oh yes!


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