Gears of War 4 December update adds daily rewards

gears of war 4 posterA new server side update has rolled out for Gears of War 4 this weekend, adding a host of changes while adding in daily rewards to award those who log in on a daily basis. Best of all, there have been some changes to idle players being kicked during bathroom breaks!

Let’s talk about the new daily rewards. Or at least repeat what The Coalition have posted in their blog update. “Daily Rewards award you a specific gift once you load up Gears of War 4, ranging from standard Bounty awards to special customization items and Cards. For the most part, you’ll receive a one random Bounty Card every day to help you build your Credits stockpile or boost your XP gain in your chase for your next Re-Up (this is on top of the First Win of the Day bonus introduced in TU2).

It’ll be used for other things too! Beginning with Gearsmas this December, certain days will have exclusive Customization items to secure simply by logging in! We’ll be trying a variety of different things with the Daily Reward system over the months ahead so stay tuned for news.”

gears of war 4 horde sniper

For those of you who enjoy hours on Horde mode but often have distractions, such as weak bladders or screaming kids, you’ll be pleased to learn that the idle kick timer has been increased up to 5 minutes. In private games, the time limit allows for up to 30 minutes. So, if the host of the lobby decides to take a break so everyone can grab a bite to eat, you have a bit longer to chew your food instead of having to tie your sticks together with rubber bands to avoid kicking.

Other Updates

  • We have increased the Idle Kick Timer in Core and Competitive from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. We wanted to provide more opportunities for players away from their game after starting matchmaking to join the fight again, rather than losing a player for certain. We’ll be monitoring this closely to see the impact – positive or negative – this has. We are still working hard on major features for future TUs that significantly combat quitting.
  • We have increased the Idle Kick Times in Private Horde to allow more time for breaks. Players can now be idle up to 30 minutes.
  • Adjusted the Competitive Execution round time limit from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Escalation LAN and Private Matches will now have the Gears eSports settings as default. As with all modes, you can modify the rules to play how you want to play in Private and LAN.


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