Gears of War 4 beta tips and tricks

gears of war 4 jdAre you looking forward to trying out the new Gears of War 4 beta this weekend or next week? The Coalition uploaded a new trailer showing some gameplay as well as offering some tips to players, and gives us a look at some of the game’s new features.

What fans will probably feel excited about most is the changes to the Active Reload mechanic, which lets you perform the reload even if your magazine or clip is full of ammo already. This allows you to boost your damage in tight spots, which is a neat idea. Another cool addition is the ability to pull enemies from cover if they’re directly in front of you. This can of course be countered, so be careful. However, if you catch an enemy off guard, you can take them out quickly and live on to fight elsewhere on the battlefield.

Watch the trailer below which offers eight helpful tips and tricks to help you fight your way through The Swarm or against other players.

Gears of War 4 beta invites are being sent out to fans who purchased Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and the beta officially goes live on April 18th. Our very own Paul managed to get an early access code and has been playing the beta.

Gears of War 4 launches on October 11th on Xbox One, and it’s the wait is killing me!

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