Gears of War 4 April update arrives, alongside Easter event

gears of war 4 easterThe latest update for Gears of War 4 arrived yesterday, bringing two returning maps from Gears of War 3, as well as the weapons tuning for both competitive and core gameplay modes. There’s also an Easter event to take part in if you fancy some seasonal fun!

The two new maps available now for Season Pass holders are Hotel and The Slab, two great maps from Gears of War 3 remade for Gears of War 4. The Longshot in Hotel has been replaced by the Embar, making it more balanced for indoor and outdoor combat, and the map itself is a little moodier than before. The Boomshot is still present, don’t worry!

The Slab is pretty much the great map it was the first time around without any further changes apart from aesthetics. A wind storm is building up on the outskirts, but it won’t have any effect on gameplay.

For the Easter festivities, ‘Bunny Hunt’ will be available to take part in via the matchmaking menu. It is “an  Easter-themed game mode that brings back the oversized Bunny Heads from previous games into a new variation of Guardian. On top of that, fans will get to unwrap five Chocolate Easter Egg-themed weapon skins by registering on and completing challenges in this special playlist!”

On top of that, another new Legendary character is available to find, and that is the much loved Locust Kantus character.

gears of war 4 kantus


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