Gears of War 4 4K Gamescom gameplay

gears of war 4 square picThat headline is a right mouthful. A potential tongue twister, but it says what needs to be said. While Microsoft and Xbox have no plans to do a media briefing during this year’s Gamescom, they’re certainly bringing the games for fans to play and see. One such title is this year’s big Xbox One and Windows 10 release, Gears of War 4.

Seeing Gears of War 4 in even 1080p is fantastic looking. My laptop can’t output in 4K so I can’t even comment on it, but I’m sure it looks a lot better. In the latest gameplay clip, which looks like it’s early in the game, J.D, Kait and Del are chasing a large unknown enemy through an old COG fort. Along the way, they encounter two fierce Swarm enemies – Drones and Pouncers – for the first time, and have to battle their way through them before it’s too late.

The gameplay trailer shows Gears of War 4 as being as iconic as ever, with the memorable ‘area cleared’ sound ringing out, the bleeping of a frag grenade before it goes off, and the squishy sounds the series is known for. And it without doubt looks like Gears, through and through.

Whether we’ll feel anything for the Swarm when the game launches, we shall see. For the time being, I’m not too excited by the look of them, but I’m trusting Rod Fergusson and The Coalition in bringing Gears of War to the new generation, with new characters, a world to explore, and seeing Marcus again as an old man.

On top of that, Xbox Wire has detailed the minimum required specs for Windows 10 owners looking to play the game when it releases on October 11th.

Gears Of War 4 PC Specs

Pre-order Gears of War 4 to guarantee yourself the Brothers to the End Elite Gear Pack, which features multiplayer character skins old man Marcus, Anya, and a returning favourite.

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