Gangplank lives on! Gets an update

gangplankWorry not League of Legends fans, Gangplank is not dead! As you would have known, the character was disabled in the game after his suspected demise after the Dead Pool’s destruction  by the hands of Miss Fortune. The epilogue of the Bilgewater event tells the story of how Gangplank survived, less one limb.

Gangplank is back, fitted with a new metal limb to replace the one he lost when his ship sank. He’ll return to Summoner’s Rift on the PBE at first before he’s available to play for everyone with some new mechanics for you to learn.

“Depending on his build, Gangplank can tank damage and crowd control with his W, or look to pelt opponents with Parrrley crits and powerful sustained melee DPS. By using the Silver Serpents he earns with Parrrley, he can upgrade Cannon Barrage. Depending on which upgrades you choose, GP can help his friends make their escape, attempt to zone apart the enemy team, or concentrate fire on an unprotected target. Because the upgrades stack, you can even do all three over the course of a long enough game.”

You can check out the champion update announcement here. Gangplank also got a new voice which can be heard in the video below.

Riot are also giving away a skin for Gangplank to all players who own and play (or have already played) an entire matchmade game as Gangplank during the event.

“Captain Gangplank reflects a simpler time, when one uncrowned reaver king ruled over Bilgewater with an iron cutlass and a fearsome love of scrimshaw. While base Gangplank has been irrevocably changed by Miss Fortune’s masterful scheme, the Captain Gangplank skin hearkens back to before the pirate’s bloody fall.”

The Bilgewater even ends in around a week, so if you still want to pick up the free skin, any of the bundles, merchandise, icon rewards or try the game modes you still have a little more time to do so.


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