Gaming with a Projector

elephas projectorAs someone who has playing video games for most of my life, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the idea of playing your favourite game on a theatre projector is a dream I’ve had for a long time. The dream has never come true, but recently, I’ve had a taste of it, and I am absolutely in love. This holiday, I was given the gift of a projector!

First of all, I will admit that the projector isn’t of the highest quality. The person who bought it for me is also aware of this, and for the price paid, you would imagine that it’s useless and low in quality. However, this is where your assumptions would be wrong.

The projector was bought via Amazon for the lowly price of £60 at the time of purchase. It offers up to 130 inches of display, which far outshines (no pun intended) my 37″ HDTV. It offers “Super Color Technology delivering up to 16700K and 1000:1 richer colors, 1000 lumens LED brightness and 800 x 480p native resolution (support 1080p and 720p), can provide crystal clear image in dark environment! Projection Distance is 1.6~4m, and Projection Size is 50~130 inches.”

Elite Dangerous

You just plug it in via the mains, stick a beer mat under it to elevate it further, hook it up to your console or laptop via HDMI, and you’re good to go. I don’t even use a canvas to display the image, I use the bare wall. I also got some portable speakers as part of the gift to help boost the volume somewhat, but the projector does include a low quality speaker built-in. Besides, I’ll be using it mostly in the evenings, and wouldn’t have the volume that high to begin with, for fear of waking others.

Here’s the kicker though, in regards to my device (which you can see in the main picture at the top of the article. It isn’t a HD projector. It outputs at 480p native resolution, with support for 1080p and 720p. I have so far enjoyed playing the likes of GTA V, Rocket League, Gears of War 4, Elite Dangerous and Rainbow Six Siege. Besides gaming, I have also enjoyed watching some Boxing Day/St Stephen’s Day football action on the big screen, some tv shows, and for romantic purposes, 10 hours of a burning fireplace with that soothing, crackling sound. I was alone in the room, just trying it out! 😛

Here’s an unboxing video of my exact projector, not made by me:

I’ve had to toy around with the visual settings of course, and between various games, I’ve had to make alterations. Elite Dangerous is a very dark, bleak game, and the projector, projecting light, didn’t do dark very well. Games like Rocket League and Overcooked worked extremely well, and I’m learning as I go. I found Rainbow Six Siege a little on the difficult side though, due to its technical gameplay and reliance on super quick reflexes. I should really give Titanfall 2 a run later, now that I think of it!

Projectors are not expensive. You imagine that they would be, but they’re not. I’ve always dreamt of owning one and gaming on one, and this holiday, my dream came true. The room required a bit of a mix up in order to lay the projector in a good place, one that could access my Xbox One’s HDMI port, as well as a power supply. I’m physically sitting with my back to the TV I’d use regularly, staring at the wall at the opposite end of the room. However, the projected screen is now above the sofa, so that renders the sofa useless for watching a movie. I have to bring a spare chair in from another room if anyone is to join me, but that’s irregular.


However, with the projector I now possess, I can simply stick it in my bag, take it to a friend’s house, and let them experience the exciting feeling of a massive display. I am now dreaming of watching World Cup or European Championship football in the back garden, displaying the games on the walls of the house. I have that option available to me, and it fills me with butterflies! I’ll be the coolest guy on the street now!

Go look at some projectors at Amazon right here, and treat yourself to a fantastic, affordable new setup!

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