Gamestop want to leave you console-less with a pre-order

playstation 4 proWith both the excitement and disappointment circulating the internet following the reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Gamestop US have gone one further and announced a rather hilarious offer to fans tempted to pick one up at launch.

The PlayStation 4 Pro goes on sale this November, specifically on the 10th, offering upscaling of games to 4K, HDR and doubling the GPU of the PS4’s processor. It will also benefit players eager to enjoy PlayStation VR content which launches in October.

However, Gamestop were eager to get pre-orders in for the PlayStation 4 Pro and have thrown up a deal that some may find a few faults with. One of its most notable problems for fans is the idea of trading in their PlayStation 4, or Xbox One for ‘at least’ $125. After forking out between $350 to $500 for either of these consoles, such a payout is hard to stomach. But it gets worse. However, it is said that the $125 offer has been present for some time, so it’s not a ‘do it now for the best return’ kind of deal.

gamestop playstation 4 pro

The offer runs from today, September 8th until September 13th. That’s a rather short period of time to make your decision and pack up your prized console. But that’s not the problem. If someone does indeed opt for this, what are you going to do with yourself between September 13th and November 10th? Watch Youtube videos and livestreams of your favourite games being played, pretending you’re holding a controller and playing the game?

Ok, maybe some people have access to another console or a PC that they can play in the interim, but not everyone is in that position. And what happens after September 13th? Will you only get ‘at least’ $100? I find it a bit blasphemous, but whatever, I’m not a marketing man.

Would you be tempted by such an offer?

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