Gamer’s virtual racing hobby on standby after back breaking injury

eir bobbyA friend and member of Xbox Excellence in Racing, Bobby Millar has had to put his passion for virtual racing on hold after suffering a horrible injury last weekend which left him with a broken back.

It was late on Friday night of last week when Bobby was making his way home from a local pub, 30 minutes from his house. Distracted by his phone, he tripped, and while trying to put his hands down on a nearby 2 foot wall to regain his balance, he went over the other side, into a private garden that was 15 foot below.

I was walking home and my phone was dead. As I tried to turn it on, HTC phones give a massive bright screen before the pop up HTC soon as that’s happened I’ve kicked or scraped this small wall and as I went to reach out to stop myself falling, it was only 2ft and I’ve tumbled 15ft over this wall onto my back.”

After being knocked out for what he believes was about thirty minutes, Bobby came to and there was nobody else around. He tried to lift himself up against a lamp post, but the pain was too much for him. Instead, he decided to start crawling home, which took him 2 hours.

eir bobby back
Bobby was featured in The Sun newspaper

He woke the next morning in extreme pain and after taking a dosage of painkillers, decided to call the NHS and was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland. Scans revealed that he broke his T9 vertebrae, and was advised by doctors to cancel his holiday plans for October.

Bobby is an avid racing enthusiast and racing games fan. His favourites include the Forza Motorsport series, Forza Horizon 2 and Project CARS. He also owns a racing setup which includes the Playseat Challenge (below) and a Thrustmaster TX steering wheel.

playseat challenge bobbyMy gaming racing career right now is over till I’ve been to the physio,” he said. There’s always the controller, but once you start racing with a wheel, it’s hard to go back. At the time of writing, he may be in hospital for another 2 weeks, and then begins the recovery to full health at home.

Bobby is involved with Xbox Excellence in Racing, a group set up for Xbox racing fans to gather and arrange weekly league events in the likes of Forza, Project CARS and Formula 1.

The 4-One Gaming team wish you all the best with your recovery, buddy!

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