Gamers Are Becoming Selfish Little Brats

Crying child gamersRemember the days when we purchased €60 Xbox Live Gold memberships for the sole purpose of playing and chatting with our friends? Remember the days when we were perfectly happy to shell out that sort of money purely for the privilege of playing with our friends?
Of course you didn’t need to meet this requirement if you only played on a PS3 or PC, but it was necessary on the Xbox 360. We also never got free games…

I first upgraded to the last generation of consoles when I purchased an Xbox 360 back in 2007. I was waiting and waiting for the PS3 to release, but it seemed the day would just never come. My patience wore thin and my PS2 was gathering dust. I had the money for a new console and was determined to buy a new system after my college lectures on one particular day.
I was advised that I would need an Xbox Live Gold membership if I wanted to play with my friends, but I wasn’t too concerned about this at the time. I went on home to play Advanced Warfighter 2  which came bundled with my 360- I didn’t like it. The next day I picked up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I was instantly hooked.

Some time passed and the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was rapidly approaching and I was itching to play a good multiplayer game. My friend Dean suggested we both buy the game. I must have spent about €100 on the game and an Xbox Live Gold 12 Month membership. So I set off home after college that day armed with the new CoD and my Gold membership. I loved being able to play with and chat with other players around the world, even if they were trying to convince me they were my father while teabagging me at the same time. I think I must have accumulated over a hundred new fathers, all of whom are younger than me, since joining Xbox Live. I wasn’t new to online multiplayer – far from it. I had previously put an unspeakable amount of time in to Unreal Tournament 2004 on PC, but the voice communication in-game wasn’t up to scratch

Bare with me, I’m getting to my point!.

About two years later, soon after the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, I picked up a PS3 for about €400 (including the cost of Metal Gear). Growing up,  Metal Gear was my favourite series and I just absolutely had to have the latest instalment. A few days later, after I finished Metal Gear, I realised I had no other use for the PS3 as all of my friends were on the 360, and I still preferred to play on my Xbox. I was determined to get some more use out of my PS3, so I bought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare again. This was my first experience with playing online multiplayer on a PlayStation console. My initial thoughts were about how unstable PSN was in comparison to Xbox Live. I also hated how the headsets at the time had to be Bluetooth sets. Unless you forked out a pretty penny, your headset would not have background noise cancellation, and this was very annoying with Call of Duty. The combination of people breathing heavily,  along with  the noise of the TVs in the background made me happier with my investment in Xbox Live. I genuinely felt I was getting a superior online service for my money and it was a service I was delighted to pay for.

Okay, seriously, I’m getting to my point!

So that was it, I played multiplayer games with my friends online on a stable service, which didn’t give any free games away, I consumed ridiculous levels of caffeine ,and ate horrific amounts of junk food. I was happy – very happy in fact (when I wasn’t screaming at the TV over “fucking bullshit” deaths).

Fast forward to 2010 – the introduction of PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation began offering subscribers free access to games each month, and suddenly console gaming subscriptions took a drastic change.
Eventually in 2012, Microsoft announced the introduction of Games With Gold, in a bid to offer their players what many felt was needed in the console war with PlayStation. Xbox Live Gold began dropping in price , and straight off the bat subscribers were offered Fable III and the ability to keep playing it if their Gold memberships expired. Since the introduction of both PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold, fans on both systems have snatched up some top tier games such as Tomb Raider, Rocket League, Halo, Far Cry 2, Just Cause 2, Battlefield 3 and many, many more games. Subscribers are given free access to these games.

For the majority of people, these offerings are more than generous, but there is a growing issue which rears its ugly head every month when the Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus offerings are released. Every offering of FREE access to the games is met with an ever increasing level of negativity. Let’s have a look at just a few of those comments, shall we?

gwg comment 1 gamers gwg comment 3 gamers

gwg comment 2 gamers

Yes, that is me in that last comment making a pointless attempt at reasoning with one of the many players who are cancerous to the gaming community.  Month after month, I see self-entitled morons who are completely unreasonable in their demands. It doesn’t surprise me any more, but it does still anger me. Maybe I was just raised to appreciate what I have more so than these greedy people who expect AAA games every month.
I am honestly more than happy with the games given away each month. Why? Because they’re FREE for me to play. I honestly have an extremely difficult time finding a fault in being given four games each month to add to my library. My comment in the image above certainly didn’t go ignored. About six hours later I received a voice message from another Xbox user who proceed to tell me about how I should stop sucking on Microsoft’s dick, and how I am “a fag”, “a douche”, and worst of all “bro”, He called me “bro”, I would much rather be called “bud” by a drunk skanger at a taxi rank at 3 a.m. than be referred to as “bro” in an unnecessarily derogatory way.

Have a listen to a snippet of the messages I received. It does contain strong language.

So I can certainly see how some readers may find the humour in his comments, but I don’t. This is the sort of person many gamers are turning into. This is the sort of greedy, and disrespectful attitude which is becoming more and more common in our community. It is a cancer to our favourite pastime. Sony and Microsoft go out of their way to give us FREE access to games. They’re not obliged to give us a god damn thing!
PS Plus and GWG are a godsend for the majority of us, but they are the cause of so much greed and so much self-entitlement amongst people who were clearly never raised to appreciate what they have in life.
Gamers are becoming greedy, selfish little brats and they will be the eventual downfall of these beloved services. If you are one of those people, appreciate what you get, because these services are still relatively new and we got on just fine without them before.

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